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Cheese Gobblin Cheesemonger
Cheese Gobblins The Cheese Gobblin lives underground in the mountains and caves and inherited their name because they love to gobble cheese,. They are acclaimed for their exquisite cheeses and stylish footwear but what is less known about them is that they evolved from bats. They have a symbiotic relationship […]

The Cheese Gobblin Cheesemonger

Blob On Fire
Elle wrote the first draft of this blog. She also copied my original sketch of the Napalm Blob in this posts’ main image. She copied all the line work and did the initial colouring on Adobe Illustrator. Elle and Dexy are both super involved. However this is the first time […]

Creature Feature – Napalm Blob

The Traffic Crone in the road
What is the Traffic Crone? Today’s Creature Feature is the poorly Traffic Crone. These diseased wretched that were once like you and I burrow into potholes in the road. They leave their bright orange hats to cover their lair’s entrance. The sad truth is that resident of Ordinary World could […]

Creature Feature – The Traffic Crone

Town map sketch
There is one Ordinary World main town. This town a gathering place for people for miles around and home to many peculiar residents. It has some bizarre laws and even stranger customs. This town is a chaotic but well meaning place. It’s chocked full of characters and weirdos as well […]

Ordinary World Main Town – A Town With No Name

Ordinary World Problems Banner
What is Ordinary World Problems Ordinary World Problems is a mobile game concept that we have created. We hope to develop this game in the future when we have found the right people and the money to do so. Take a look at our run through video for the concept […]

Ordinary World Problems

Golden Crested Woodpecker Banner
Elle’s inspiration Here’s how we came to create Ordinary World’s magnificent Golden Crested Woodpecker. Recently my daughter Elle (the real life Elle, not the Ordinary World character) found my old bird book. She got a bit obsessed with trying to tick birds off at the back of the book like […]

The Golden Crested Woodpecker

Ordinary World RPG Banner
Treasures of a shed clear out Yesterday I started clearing out the shed as it’s full of old pointless clutter. Clearly though it’s not all junk because hidden in a degrading old box were these two relic of my childhood. In them were two RPG manuals I had as a […]

Ordinary World RPG

The Stranger Adam Banner
Who is The Stranger Adam? I don’t want to give too much away about the first episodic story of Ordinary World. It is being produced as part graphic novel part written story and is the first part of a big saga. However I knew I needed a villain to engineer […]

The Stranger Adam

Ordinary World Creeds Image
I thought it was time to explain one of the most fundamental things about Ordinary World, the Ordinary World Creeds. There are eight in total and each one categorises the belief a character holds as to how the world ended years ago. Some end of the world theories are out […]

The Eight Creeds of Ordinary World

Join Ordinary World
I thought it would be a good way to start in my first post by dissecting the group shot picture that I drew recently. In it you’ll see 20 characters of Ordinary World, so it will serve as a nice introduction. Check out the image below, with our friends and […]

Getting to Know Twenty Key Characters?