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So you want to know more about this strange new land?

Welcome to Ordinary World, a far flung future set after an anonymous extinction level event. You arrive after mankind has re-established itself, basing its ideas on scattered fragments of history that remain from before the fall. As a result it may seem at times to be a world of madness and oddities. But, ask yourself, is it really so different from yours?

Stick with us as we grow and expand. So you can explore it’s host of peculiar characters. And stay tuned for a series of graphic novels, games, animations and more.

What can we expect?

Start by following protagonists, Elle, Dexy, Glitch and Albee. They will lead you on a sweeping saga of adventure, wild encounters and ethical dilemmas.

In their shadow you’ll meet oodles of characters each with their own complex back stories and agendas.

Whilst you travel to astonishing and mythical places with oddball cultures and strange ideals.

Which will help you discover which of the 8 creeds of Ordinary World you are.

And search for the Golden Truffle of Lore.

Who are the main characters of Ordinary World?

Ordinary World's Protagonists

Elle is a displaced human from another time. Placed in a survival pod, she missed the end of the world and woke up to this bonkers new land. She is courageous and kind, her common sense exceeds that of those around her and she can be a little bit stubborn when necessary.

Dexy lives in her ancestral home, The Motte & Bailey. She is generous to a fault, open minded and naive and has a habit of getting into trouble as she places her trust too easily. Dexy is the master of flare, always accessorising and coming up with crazy new clothing trends.

Glitch is a tiny green Truffle Pig. He discovers Elle in her capsule and wakes her up leading to them becoming best friends. He is timid and sensitive and glitches out in strange ways when he’s alarmed or there’s trouble about.

Albee is an electronic simulacrum of Elle’s best friend. Albee is the biggest worrier, always concerned for their safety, never able to relax even though technically Albee can’t die. A control freak and hypochondriac that never shuts up.

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Who came up with all this nonsense?

Luke Lipski's DeskOrdinary World is the creation of Luke Lipski. You might say he is the Gawd of creation around here. Really though he’s just a guy sitting at an antique bureau with a modern computer and a view of the countryside. Luke is from England and spends his time straddling Bedfordshire and London.

Luke’s two children are a major influence on Ordinary World. So much so that he’s named the two main characters, Elle and Dexy after them. His kids come up with characters, animals, storylines and more that find there way into the canon. You will see more of this process if you stick with our blog and follow us on social.

When he’s not making up tall tales of Elle and company he draws other things and works as a UI Designer. If you’re interested you can follow¬†Luke Lipski’s personal Instagram here.


Guidance for children and parents

Ordinary world touches on themes which are complex and might lead to questions and discussions. The violence is minimal and not overly graphic. There is no sexually explicit material or sexual nudity. However we would recommend parental guidance to ensure that you are happy for your children to read and view our content.