About Us

What is Ordinary Minds

Ordinary Minds is the collective brain waves and mad imaginations of Luke Lipski, world builder, illustrator, creative, designer and ideas machine.

Who is Luke Lipski?

Luke works for a creative agency, designing pitch decks, creating designs and illustrations for immersive and theatrical events and dreaming up big ideas to give people experiences that they’ve never had before.

Ordinary Minds is what Luke gets up to when he leaves the office each day, developing ideas that his overactive brain keeps feeding him, finding people to collaborate and help develop those ideas into something tangible, something more.

You can check out Luke’s commercial work on his portfolio site.

How can you be involved?

Just drop us a message, email Luke on lukelearbomb@gmail.com and tell us how you’d like to join in. We’re always looking for collaborators to bring ideas to life.

So What are these Big Ideas?

Have a little look around the site and follow us on Instagram.

At the moment we’re leading with two main projects:

  • Ordinary World, our world building project set in a cartoon future that is spawned from the digital misinformation of all data that was ever uploaded to the cloud, jumbled up and rained down on the land like the DNA of chaos.
  • Megalomania, a card game that allows you to play with the political idiocy that frames the world we live in from fake news to climate emergencies to political despots and more.