The Eight Creeds of Ordinary World

I thought it was time to explain one of the most fundamental things about Ordinary World, the Ordinary World Creeds.

There are eight in total and each one categorises the belief a character holds as to how the world ended years ago. Some end of the world theories are out of this world, some are more grounded, but none have definitively been proven. Every resident of Ordinary World believes they have the truth, but I’d be surprised if any of them actually do.

Furthermore each creed has its own symbol, you’ll see these icons from time to time, so it’d be a good idea to be able to recognise them. Go ahead and see which of the Ordinary World Creeds you would be.

The eight Ordinary World creeds

Cosmic Creed Icon


The Cosmic creed encompasses all of the out of this world theories. From alien invasion to meteor strike, from giant solar flare to world-eating black hole; the Cosmic creed is for you. This creed is as popular amongst stargazers and scientists as it is lonely farm workers who swear they were impregnated by aliens.

Examples of possible supporting evidence

  • Alien foetuses
  • Meteor fragments
  • Ufo sightings
  • Alien technology


Ecology Creed Icon


The Ecology creed holds ecological disasters and mankind’s effect on the environment responsible. Whether it’s green house gases, fracking, plastic pollution or even natural disasters this creed is the one. Members of this creed tend to be scientific types but also anyone that wants to promote their carbon footprint.

Examples of possible supporting evidence

  • Glacial patterns
  • Extinct species
  • Seismic Activity
  • Plastic based organisms


Faith Creed Icon


Faith are believers in Gawd! However, Gawd can take many forms and each person’s version of Gawd, is the true Gawd. Faith creed includes such theories as portals to hell, the rapture, pillars of salt even natural disasters. Evidently, Faith can pretty much justify anything by saying that it is all in Gawd’s plan.

Examples of possible supporting evidence

  • Disembodies boots
  • Holes filled with fire
  • Plagues of locusts
  • Portraits of Gawd on toast


Order Creed Icon


Order represent the establishment and within that those that sit at the top of society and those that unwittingly prop it up. Their theories include proletariat uprising, communist takeover, benefit scroungers and immigrants taking all our jobs. To sum up, with this creed it’s absolutely always somebody else’s fault.

Examples of possible supporting evidence

  • Radical literature
  • Protest placquards
  • Homeless people
  • Foreign sounding names


Pathogen Creed Icon


The Pathogen creed believes in microbial biological disasters. Consequently believers tend to be a paranoid bunch who can never be clean enough. Some beliefs are zombie virus, bird flu, anthrax outbreak and antibiotic failure. Pathogen will try to convince you that it’s the hidden dangers, the ones you can’t see that will kill you.

Examples of possible supporting evidence

  • Walking dead
  • Plague burial sites
  • Biohazard signs
  • White powders


Revolution Creed Icon


Revolution are the anti-establishment. Therefore they believe that those with privilege and power were responsible for mankind’s demise. Such beliefs include genocides, fascist regimes, privatisation and rogue landlords. Revolution members are often enraged and proactive and tend to flock to join the nearest angry mob

Examples of possible supporting evidence

  • Concentration camps
  • Soup kitchens
  • Any old money
  • Empty houses


Warfare Creed Icon


Warfare encompasses any beliefs that support conflict and war causing the downfall of man. If this is your creed you believe in such things as nuclear missiles, germ warfare, world war three and political coups. It is surely man’s propensity to try and destroy one another killed us almost everybody on the planet.

Examples of possible supporting evidence

  • Fields of the dead
  • Mutant fish
  • Entire ruined cities
  • War poetry


Wicca Creed Icon


Wicca believe in the spirit of mother earth rising up and ridding itself of the parasite that is man. Consequently sample theories are plants fighting back, volcanic eruptions, ethereal ghosts walking the earth and the solar eclipse. Wiccans see man and nature as one and our denial of this as the entire reason things went wrong.

Examples of possible supporting evidence

  • Stone circles
  • Man-eating plants
  • Weird lights in the mist
  • Birds amassing and attacking


Neutral Creed Icon


Ok I said there were eight creeds and now I am presenting a ninth. Well Neutral isn’t strictly a creed. In fact its a lack of creed and applies to anyone who either has no interest in such matters or finds it more sensible to sit on the fence. As such Neutrals tend to rely on complete empirical evidence before making their minds up and have more of an ability to weight up a balanced and reasonable argument than most.




Which of the Ordinary World Creeds are you?

So what do you think caused the extinction level event that led to Ordinary World? Why don’t you make up your own end of the world theory, work our what creed you’d be and let us know in the comments section below.

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