Help Us

Can you help us grow?

Are you passionate and able to help Ordinary World? Despite my energy and passion, there are things I cannot do alone. I am ambitious to enlarge the products into card games, board games, mobile games and animated cartoons. Unfortunately I am only one human and I don’t have all the skills.

At present Ordinary World is an unfunded venture, but I would like that to change in the future. In the meantime it would be great to gather collaborators who would be just as passionate as I am in pushing this as far as it can go.

Exciting individuals

Get in touch if you can help Ordinary World and want in on the ground floor. Especially if you can do any of the following.

  • Code awesome mobile games (see our OWP game concept)
  • Animate like a frame wizard
  • Have writing or proof reading experience
  • Think you can give me some constructive criticism
  • Make comics or graphic novels
  • Can make better websites than this one
  • Make 3D models
  • Are a Roblox master builder
  • Want to fund something

Companies we need you to help Ordinary World

We need your support and collaboration to go bigger and better. Please get in touch if you want to collaborate on any of the following.

  • Publishing or printing our graphic novels
  • Developing and Publishing a game idea
  • Sponsoring or funding what we do
  • Have an opportunity that’ll light our fires

Just pop us an email to with your name and ideas and we’ll get back in touch

Now off you go and have a read of our blog.