Creature Feature – Napalm Blob

Elle wrote the first draft of this blog. She also copied my original sketch of the Napalm Blob in this posts’ main image. She copied all the line work and did the initial colouring on Adobe Illustrator. Elle and Dexy are both super involved. However this is the first time Elle was taught to do this part of the process. She picked it up so quickly; we are super proud of her.

The Napalm Blob

Napalm Blobs consist of a sticky mixture of sodium and palm oil. When it rains, the high sodium content in their bodies catches fire. The water transforms them into an oozing inferno that sets alight everything it touches. The palm oil part of their bodies sustains the flame. The fire consumes them, they shrink in size until they are all used up and completely disappear. A Napalm Blob that runs out of palm oil is a dead Napalm Blob.

Flaming Napalm Blobs are a highly dangerous encounter and it is sometimes better to herd them away from your homes and loved ones than confront them. They are responsible for many of the forest across Ordinary World as well as the burning down of dry flammable homes. When they start burning, there is only one thing you can do to extinguish them. Get a dry, flame retardant towel or blanket, it really must not be at all wet and throw it over the Napalm Blob, thus removing the oxygen supply from the flame. To put out a Napalm Blob’s flame is also to save the poor distressed creature’s life.

Blob On Fire

Where does the Napalm Blob come from

Different Blobs come to life in widely varying ways. Geysers spurt Napalm Blobs high into the air, raining newly born Napalm Blobs onto the desolate ground below. If you visit Napalm Springs you will see the fascinating sight in summer or on a bright, sunny day with no rain on the horizon. During rainy seasons, sensible Napalm Blobs hide in caves and dry pot holes. Many people who witness the birth of the Napalm Blobs say it is a wonderful sight to encounter, like the earth itself spawning new life in front of their very eyes. Have caution, despite their size, baby Napalm Blobs also still burn ferociously when it rains.

Blobs at Napalm Springs

Elle at work

Here is a picture of Elle hard at work drawing the Napalm Blob. Look at that concentration.

Elle using Illustrator

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