Getting to Know Twenty Key Characters?

I thought it would be a good way to start in my first post by dissecting the group shot picture that I drew recently. In it you’ll see 20 characters of Ordinary World, so it will serve as a nice introduction. Check out the image below, with our friends and associates gathered around together. So let’s look at who’s who shall we?

20 Characters of Ordinary World

Who’s who?

With our protagonists at the front and an audience of other characters behind, I made this key to the 20 characters of Ordinary World so you can easily cross reference it against the list. Take a look.

Key to 20 Characters of Ordinary World

Naming these 20 characters of Ordinary World

Let’s start with number one and work our way through these 20 Characters of Ordinary World:

  1. Elle is a displaced human from another time. Placed in a survival pod, she missed the end of the world and woke up to this bonkers new land. She is courageous and kind, her common sense exceeds that of those around her and she can be a little bit stubborn when necessary.
  2. Dexy lives in her ancestral home, The Motte & Bailey. She is generous to a fault, open minded and naive and has a habit of getting into trouble as she places her trust too easily. Dexy is the master of flare, always accessorising and coming up with crazy new clothing trends.
  3. Glitch is a tiny, green Truffle Pig. He discovers Elle in her capsule and wakes her up, leading to them becoming best friends. Glitch is a total cutie pie freaks out in strange ways when frightened or alarmed.
  4. Albee is an electronic simulacrum of Elle’s best friend. Albee is the biggest worrier, always concerned for their safety, never able to relax even though technically Albee can’t die. A control freak and hypochondriac that never shuts up.
  5. The Malinois is smart and disciplined, strong and athletic with a unique grasp of the behaviour of humankind. Consequently he forced his way to leader of the pack; a group of wild dogs descended from domestic pedigree breeds.
  6. Polly Applesaid is head of the gang known as The Germ Free Adolescents. Consequently her responsibility is to keep them safe and lead their forays into The Toilet Graveyard, a dirty, filthy dangerous place. She is paranoid about getting ill.
  7. Estratosfera is a talented Nowcaster. She is able to predict the weather using her Cloud Sphere. This same sphere allows her to enter the eyes of her companion Keeya, the Red Kite, as he flies over the treetops.
  8. Emmeline is a prolific rabble rouser inciting locals to pick up arms and form a mob from the obscurest of issues to the most pertinent. As a result, Emmeline gets stuff done. Thus she is a thorn in the side of many who don’t like change.
  9. Karim Saladbun is a wandering map maker. He travels far and wide charting Ordinary World, meeting new people and discovering new lands. He journeys with his assistant Fauntleroy, flying in their hot air balloon.
  10. Leonard Lizzard is the Chief Executive and founder of a bureaucratic organisation set on creating a new economy. As a result of this Leonard commands a division of toadies called Yes Men, whilst he insists the currency of the future is the Lizzard.
  11. Bible Basher is an evangelical preacher, spreading the word of Gawd and bashing any heathens. Any such heathens that visit his Lonely Chapel are likely to meet a terrifying creature that lurks within. Evidently his Gawd is a vengeful Gawd.
  12. Mr Wicker is an ancient and mysterious character that stands dormant for an eternity but can come to life in a flicker if the right conditions arise. When he does he threatens set fire to the world.
  13. The Cardboard King is just a sad little boy that ran away from home. In his impetuousness he thinks he should be a king. He dedicates his life to finding a people to accept and worship him.
  14. Red Commander claims to have been to the moon and back. When examining his photographic evidence, his claims are far from convincing, with stars on strings and moon rocks clearly made of cardboard.
  15. The Beekeeper lives in his secret garden, tending his flowers and rearing his bees. As a master mind of Ecology people seek him out for his wisdom. This is easier said than done; very few find him, so hidden away is his floral paradise.
  16. Manhunter hunts the hunter. With his rifle and disguise, he stalks those who set out to systematically kill the Red Foxes of the Great Forest. There’s no evidence that he mounts their heads on his wall at home however.
  17. Terri Herrison is a disruptive member of the work force at the Brutalist Tower. Terri’s addiction to cigarette butts sends is his greatest downfall. Terri chews the butts he scavenges, which send him into a mad stupor, preventing him from doing any work effectively.
  18. Pen Manager is management level at the Brutalist Tower. His role is to catalogue and log in and out all pens and stationery, a task he takes very seriously. You won’t meet a less relaxed human being.
  19. Lord Snoots terrorises The Great Forest and surrounding areas with his hunting party and his hounds, which live with him in a large manor house. As such, he sees himself as better than everyone, despite the dark secret in his attic.
  20. John Jones is a shy and private farmer with a great sadness in his heart. If you enter his land, he will likely chase you off. He isn’t looking to make any friends and doesn’t like people snooping into his business.

That concludes our brief and initial round up of 20 characters of Ordinary World. So keep tuning in to find out more about them and to follow their future adventures. Leave your comments and questions at the bottom of the page and don’t forget to follow our RSS Feed and our Instagram to stay informed.

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